Your training needs are our priority

Whether it’s basic training, expert tips or anything in between, Locus and our SAFE FME Certified Trainers have you covered

Locus FME Training Seminars

At Locus we know that sometimes it’s just easier to get that question answered by a real person.  That’s why we offer 2-day FME Training Seminars by Safe FME Certified Trainers.   That’s two days hands-on training in a room with like-minded people.  Whether you’re a new starter needing the basics, a proficient user who would benefit from some best practice tips and tricks or somewhere inbetween, we have a training course to suit.

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Introduction to FME Desktop

Perfect for those new to FME. Learn the essential components and capabilities of FME which includes extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises.


FME Desktop Advanced Training

Advance your FME skills, optimise the performance of your FME processes or seek support for more complex data challenges


FME Server Training

Suitable for those with a basic understanding of FME Desktop. Learn how FME Server is built and how the web interface should operate, automate and publish.