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FME Desktop is the all-in-one tool for data integration and productivity

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Convert, transform, automate

Set up and visualise data integration workflows efficiently and without the need for coding. FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface means you can build workspaces in a few quick clicks, support hundreds of data formats and deliver powerful integration between multiple data types (FME Desktop also supports Python).

At Locus, we believe you should be using your data rather than wrestling with it. Talk to us about how we can put you in the driving seat.

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Whatever you need, Locus and FME has you covered

Powering your data today (and tomorrow)

Looking to integrate new technologies or have legacy data? At Locus, we understand it has to work, and well. We’re all over that. With each new FME Desktop release fresh features are added while ensuring a rigorous testing regime.

Scalable for the Enterprise

Delivering an advanced level of automation, FME Desktop works seamlessly with enterprise products, FME Server and FME Cloud. Schedule workflows, run in response to triggers, or as self-serve tools.

Technical Support

At Locus, we’re committed to helping you succeed with FME. That means we’ll work with you before and after purchase. We’re also there when you’re just getting started and we have advanced support options for users looking for best practices.

FME Training

Locus and our sofeware partners have a training option to suit every style of learning; online tutorials, PDF downloads and telephone support. We also run regular training courses and encourage you to bring along your challenging questions!

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FME Desktop is a powerful solution for all your data needs

Whatever the data job, nothing is too big, too complex or too disparate for FME Desktop. With hundreds of transformer tools available, you’ll get the task quickly and calmly !

Unparalleled data integration

Integrate data from over 400 applications, web services, and file formats.  With FME Desktop you can convert data from A to B, perform complex integrations, or simplify a tedious or time-consuming task.

Take complete control over the structure, content and style of your data.  Data domination has never been this easy.

No tool is better able to handle the complexity of spatial data.  Imagine being able to use FME Desktop to combine vector and raster imagery in a single translation or merge CAD files with an attribute database.

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