Connect. Transform. Automate.

With the support of Locus and the power of FME, working with data has never been this easy.

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How FME Works

Use FME to integrate virtually any data. Convert data from A to B or perform complex enterprise integrations. With no coding required, working with data has never been this easy.

With hundreds of powerful transformers, FME enables you to manipulate data structure and content.

With FME, you can turn any data processing task into an automated workflow. Your data can be working for you 24/7 so you don’t have to.

FME Products

One Powerful Integration Engine. Three Ways to Deploy.

FME Desktop

FME Desktop lets you connect and transform data in limitless ways.
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FME Server

FME Server provides enterprise-level access to FME’s powerful capabilities.
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FME Cloud

FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server. No hardware required.
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Connect Your Applications

With Locus and the power of FME you can now move data between 350+ formats and applications while preserving data quality throughout the conversion process.   Incompatible systems?  No such thing.

FME provides native support for location data, including the complexity of GIS, CAD, and BIM.

Transform Your Data

With the support of Locus and the power of FME you can mash up data and deliver whatever you need, however it’s needed.   Real-time mapping?  It’s a breeze with FME.

With hundreds of tools (transformers) at your disposal you have complete control over the structure and composition of your data.  Data manipulation has never been this powerful.

Automate Your Workflows

Turn manual tasks into automated workflows with FME.   All workflows are reusable and can be set up to run automatically, at any interval.

FME can easily handle large volumes of complex, real-time data…. and it does all of this while letting people continue to work uninterrupted in their preferred environment.


At Locus, we believe you should be using your data rather than wrestling with it.

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