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Recorded Webinars

How to Install FME Server in the Cloud

Recorded: December 2020

Blending a webinar format with a hands-on training approach this webinar will help you understand the sequence to a successful FME Server installation in a hosted cloud environment; AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Presenters:  Darren Fergus, Locus & Stewart Harper, Safe Software

Darren Fergus Slide Deck

Hands-on with FME Server Apps

Recorded: September 2020

Many of us think of web applications as being complex to build, expensive and requiring specialist skills.  Let us introduce you to FME Server Apps.  Easily create your own secure, scalable, customisable web-based applications – all without the need for coding!

Presenters:  Kieran O’Donnell and Gary Nicholson

Optimising FME: Lessons in Workspace Efficiency

Recorded: July 2020

FME is the data integration platform that enables you to take complete control of your data whatever it’s format or location.  In FME, workspaces define the parameters of your data translation; they confirm what data should be pulled in, how that data should be transformed and the final output.  Not all workspaces are created equal and in this webinar we take you through some real-world examples of how to build efficient workspaces, optimising your FME performance whatever your data challenge.

Beyond GIS: FME and Local Government Solutions

Recorded June 2020

In Australia, approximately 60% of the local government market is using FME to drive their municipality. The adoption rate is similar in New Zealand. As FME expands beyond the GIS team, there is an opportunity for dynamic data integration to replace everyday manual tasks across multi-disciplinary departments including; Finance, Asset Management, Business and Strategic Planning.

Airports and Beyond: Map the Future of Your Data

Recorded August 2019

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors but almost none of that is mapped.  We’ve all wandered an airport terminal looking for the nearest bookstore or encountered frustrated shoppers in a multi-level mall. Customers expect a seamless experience from start to finish and indoor mapping is a key enabler.

Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) provides a comprehensive model for any indoor location; a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery. With the help of FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide you can map the future of your data.

Presenters:  John Arnerich, Ruby Donaldson and Kieran O’Donnell


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